Uncomfortable, Annoying, Irritating A** Growth

Heyyy Readers,

I know I been gone for a min, but now I’m back with the jump off. Let me tell you how new things can be a blessing, and how that blessing can feel like a curse. I just was blessed with a Fellowship in New York City working with children. I am very grateful, but I have been going through some challenges already and I just got here.

Lets start off with the annoying and very much so irritating co worker I have to encounter almost everyday out of the week. I know we all have to deal with difficult people sometimes, but this colleague of mines has to be the most difficult of them all. I will explain this to you all in number form.

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For 1, the girl has a problem with everything I do. I can only assume this because I cant read minds, but it seems as if she hates me. Which is fine by me because I refuse to try and figure her out. She tries to outshine everyone, and by doing so she over extends herself which results in frustration from being overworked. I just try to work hard and be consistent. I think this is her biggest pet peeve about me, and the main thing that divides us. I don’t try too hard and still get recognized, but she tries so hard and is still overlooked. Sometimes it really doesn’t pay to be a kiss ass.

For 2, she’s always claiming to be considerate when in fact she is being controlling. This is the reason why we disagree the most. This has been what all of our disagreements have been based on. She wants to me to sit down here and close doors there. NO SHADE INTENDED, but I will not be told what to do nor micromanaged by someone who is just as new as me. We’re also on the same level, holding the same title. How do you think you can tell me what to do? HOW SIS? HOW?

For 3, she keeps trying to throw me under the bus. For example, an email was sent out about staff not tending to the children in a time of need. By her OF COURSE. At the time the email was sent I was working over at the kids high school, DOING MY JOB, but I was still mentioned in not being there when the kids needed me. When approached by upper staff about this it ultimately backed fired because I was at the time doing what I was supposed to be doing. My question is, WHY WAS I MENTIONED IN THE FIRST PLACE?

All of this is teaching me something though. I have gained more patience, perseverance, and real professionalism over the course of the time that this has happened to me. For this reason, I embrace my foolish coworker’s shenanigans. Although it is tough and very frustrating, I won’t give up. I was built for this. I was built to win. I come from section 8 housing, welfare, and food stamps. I have worked my whole life to overcome these challenges, and so far I’ve been successful. So needless to say, there is no hate or ugliness I can’t overcome. Especially from someone who doesn’t know my plight, and how far I have come despite adversity.